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Agarwood Blocks
Agarwood Blocks size
Agarwood Block
agarwood blocks
Agarwood blocks
Agarwood Blocks
Agarwood Blocks size
Agarwood Block
agarwood blocks
Agarwood blocks

Agarwood Blocks

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Product: Agarwood Blocks

Code: TP_08S

Availabilty: In stock

Size: 2cm*2.3cm // Also Customize size on customer demands

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Contact: +84933466538 (Whatsapp / Imo)

  E-mail: Thienphuagarwood@gmail.com


 Agarwood blocks (침향 블록)  of different sizes are available now at Thien Phu agarwood co.,ltd company in Vietnam. The size of these agarwood block is 2cm*2.3cm. We can also customize the different sizes of Agarwood blocks (沈香ブロック). These Agarwood blocks (침향 블록) are primarily found in Vietnam.

These Agar wood block (나무 블록)  come from the Aquilaria tree.  Agarwood (沈香) is famous for its distinctive and captivating fragrance and for multi purposes. 

Agarwood (침향) is a popular ingredient in luxury perfumes and colognes. Its rich and complex scent adds depth and character to fragrances. Agarwood's aroma is considered to have mood-enhancing and relaxation-inducing effects, making it a sought-after choice for aromatherapy.

Agarwood chips are burned as incense in religious ceremonies, meditation practices, and to create a calming and soothing atmosphere. In some traditional systems of medicine, agarwood is believed to have therapeutic properties. It might be used to alleviate stress, anxiety, and other ailments.

The scent of Oud (ウード) is highly valued in various cultures and is commonly used in perfumes, incense, and traditional medicinal practices. Due to its rarity and the labor-intensive process of production, genuine agarwood blocks can be quite expensive. But the highly recommended agarwood factory (Thienphu Agarwood co., ltd) in Vietnam provided Oud or agarwood blocks (沈香ブロック) at very reasonableprices. Our supply capacity of agarwood or oud blocks (ブロック) is 10ton to 50ton per month. We can customize agarwood block sizes on customer dimands.  

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Product Information

Product Name   Agarwood Block
    Code   TP_08S
       Size   2cm*2.3cm // Also Customize size on      customer demands
  Brand name    Thien Phu agarwood
    Origin   Vietnam 
    Quantity   Supply 5ton to 20ton Monthly 
  Documents     Availiablity   Phytosanitary certificate/ CITES / Origin   certificate 


 Package & Delivery

  Package   Carton box
  Order quantity   Minimum order 10ton to50ton
  Delivery    DHL and FedEx (No free shipping)
  Delivery time  1 week


  Payment method

  Western Union, MoneyGram, or bank account with advance.

  Contact us to find out the latest prices.

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  Thien Phu agarwood import and export co.,ltd 

  Address: 7/2 street 19, Group 11, Quarter 3, thu duc, ho chi Minh, Vietnam

  Contact: +84933466538 (Whatsapp/Imo)

  E-mail: Thienphuagarwood@gmail.com

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