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agarwood sheets
Oudh sheets
Oud sheets
agarwood sheets
Agarwood sheet
Agarwood sheet
agarwood sheets
Oudh sheets
Oud sheets
agarwood sheets
Agarwood sheet
Agarwood sheet

Agarwood sheet

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Product: Agarwood sheet

Code: TP-5A+400

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Hotline: +84933466538 (WhatsApp, IMO )

 Email: Thienphuagarwood@gmail.com


Agarwood (oud) sheets are super high quality sheets having dark brown color. cleaning white wood on 1 sides is its specification. Its scent is woodsy, spicy, honey,very sweet and floral scent.

Oud chips are extremely effective in purifying and refreshing the air, getting rid of tobacco smoke, unpleasant smells, and musty odors. It is believed that they are capable of dispersing negative energy from home and draw good energy. Agarwood chips are commonly used for holy ceremonies and house warming or to steam clothes.

Agarwood sheets are constructed mainly from Vietnamese Agarwood trees that are 20 to 35 years old plantation sites.The charcoal tablets or an incense burner to make a holy scent, sweet and spice, woody scent.

Oud chips contain Oud resin that is on both sides of the wood. After burning the chips, the resin will boil on the wood's surface and create a delightful scent, impossible to resist. In the present, many use oud as a treatment to treat health. For example, our sheet of agarwood is used as wedding cards for Saudi Arabia, Dubai, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Morocco.

Thien Phu agarwood is the best online wholesaler for all your needs. With over 25 years of experience, Thien Phu is a trustworthy source that offers reasonable prices and high-quality products. Thien Phu can meet your needs with their extensive product list and reliable customer service team, whether you need wholesale or retail. They offer many types of agarwood, such as murri agarwood (oudh), Vietnamese agarwood (عود)chips, oil, and more! Visit them fast!

Product Details

Product Name: Agarwood sheet 

Material: 100% Agarwood Vietnam (Oudh) 

Place of origin: dong NAI Province, Vietnam

Brand name: Thien Phu agarwood 

Grade : Super high 

Model number: TP-A5+400

Color: Dark

Specifications: cleaning white wood on 1 sides

Thickness: 0.7 mm

Scent: Woodsy, spicy, honey,very sweet and floral scent

Certificate: Cites; C/O.

Sample Free sample; 

No free ship

Package: Carton box

Min order quantity :1kg

Shipping: DHL,  FedEx or UPS

 (No free ship)    

Delivery: time 1 week after payment

Payment method

T/T in advance


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Thien Phu agarwood import and export co.,ltd 

Address: 7/2 street 19, Group 11, Quarter 3, thu duc, ho chi Minh, Vietnam

Contact: +84933466538(what's app, imo)

E-mail: Thienphuagarwood@gmail.com

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