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(محسن الطبيعي)
(محسن الطبيعي)
sanai oud Mohasan
Mohasan Sanai agarwood
Mohassan Sanai
(محسن الطبيعي)
(محسن الطبيعي)
sanai oud Mohasan
Mohasan Sanai agarwood
Mohassan Sanai

Mohasan Sanai Oud

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Product: Mohasan Sanai Oud

Code: DS-TP200

Availabilty: In stock

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Contact: +84933466538 (Whatsapp / Imo)

E-mail: Thienphuagarwood@gmail.com


Mohasen Sanai (محسن الطبيعي) Oud is one of the types of Sanai agarwood. Its color is dark black. Sanai Muhassan Agarwood has sweet combodie smell or aroma. Sanai Super Muhassan aroma develops pleasant fragrance that makes environment cool. 

Sanai agarwood is a type of agarwood, also known as oud, that is derived from the Aquilaria crassna tree species. This tree is native to Southeast Asia, including countries like Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. The Sanai agarwood is highly prized for its high-quality resin, which is used to make oud perfumes, incenses, and oils.It is also highly demands in Saudi Arabia.

Muhasen sanai, Sanai oud, sanai agarwood, special sanai oud, super sanai oud, Sanai merauke Gaharu, Moroki Oud sanai all are types of Sanai agarwood. ThienPhu agarwood factory Veitnam making high quality and demandig Sanai agarwood. ThienPhu  Sanai Oud company Vietnam fulfill all your needs. 

Thien Phu co.ltd  sell only high quality products. You can find a factory in Sanai oud Vietnam (사나이 우드 베트남), Sanai oud (عود) house company in Viertnam  which serves you the best quality products of Oud (عود). 

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 Product Information

    Product Name    Mohasan Sanai Oud


  Natural Agarwood and Agarwood resin
    Code    DS-TP200
    Color   Dark Brown/Black
  Particulars   Industry Agarwood
    Brand name    Thien Phu agarwood
    Place of origin   Vietnam 
    Smell   sweet  aroma
  Documents     Availiablity   Phytosanitary certificate/ CITES / Origin   certificate 
    Sample   Free sample; No free shipping


 Package & Delivery

  Package   Carton box
  Order quantity   Minimum order 1 kg (kilo)
  Delivery    DHL and FedEx (No free shipping)
  Delivery time  1 week


  Payment method

  Western Union, MoneyGram, or bank account with advance.

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  Thien Phu agarwood import and export co.,ltd 

  Address: 7/2 street 19, Group 11, Quarter 3, thu duc, ho chi Minh, Vietnam

  Contact: +84933466538 (Whatsapp/Imo)

  E-mail: Thienphuagarwood@gmail.com

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