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Natural Sanai oud
Natural Oud
Mohsen Sanai oud
Mohasin sanai oud
Natural Sanai oud
Natural Oud
Mohsen Sanai oud
Mohasin sanai oud

Mohsen Sanai Oud

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Product name: Mohsen Sanai Oud

Code: DS-TP200

Availabilty: In stock

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Contact: +84933466538 (Whatsapp / Imo)

E-mail: Thienphuagarwood@gmail.com


Thien Phu agarwood Vietnam factory provide mohsen sanai (محسن الطبيعي) all over the world at very reasonable price. Mohsen Sanai Oud (محاسن صناعي عود ) is one of the demanding oud products in the world todays. 

Thien Phu agarwood (oud) in Vietnam make the best quality agarwood (عود) products in cheap rates. It is a good choice for you. If anyone looking for best quality oud productd like Mohsen sanai oud, natural oud, oud powder, Meruke Oud, Sanai oud, incense sticks, pure oud oil, agarwood sheets, aqulaira crassna seeds, crassna Pure wood, murri oud (Oudh). you can contact Thien phu co,. ltd company Vietnam for wholesale price and fast delivery services. 

Overall, Mohsen Sanai agarwood is highly regarded for its authenticity, exceptional quality, captivating fragrance, long-lasting aroma, sustainability, and expert craftsmanship, making it a sought-after choice for agarwood enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

Mohsen Sanai agarwood is known for its exceptional qualities, which include:

  1. Authenticity: Agarwood produced by Mohsen Sanai oudh is known for its genuine and pure nature. It is sourced from sustainable agarwood plantations and undergoes meticulous processing to ensure its authenticity.

  2. High quality: Mohsen Sanai agarwood is renowned for its high quality. It is carefully harvested and processed to retain its rich fragrance, unique resinous properties, and captivating aroma.

  3. Rich fragrance: Agarwood from Mohsen Sanai emits a captivating and luxurious fragrance. It is characterized by deep woody notes with hints of sweetness, earthiness, and a touch of floral or fruity undertones.

  4. Long-lasting aroma: The aroma of Mohsen Sanai agarwood is long-lasting and persistent. It lingers in the air, creating an enchanting ambiance that is both soothing and uplifting.

  5. Complexity: Mohsen Sanai agarwood offers a complex aromatic profile. It evolves over time, revealing different layers of scent notes, making it a highly desirable and intriguing fragrance.

  6. Sustainable sourcing: Mohasen Sanai oud is committed to sustainable practices. The agarwood used in their products is responsibly sourced from well-managed plantations, ensuring the preservation of agarwood trees and the surrounding ecosystem.

  7. Expert craftsmanship: The agarwood from Mohsen Sanai is carefully crafted by skilled artisans who have extensive knowledge and experience in processing agarwood. This craftsmanship ensures the highest quality end product.

  8. Versatility: Mohasin Sanai oud can be used in various forms, such as chips, incense, oils, or oud perfumes. This versatility allows individuals to enjoy the captivating fragrance and benefits of agarwood in different ways.

 Product Information

    Product Name   Mohsen Sanai Oud
    Code    DS-TP200
    Color   Yellowish  Brown
  Particulars   Industry Agarwood
    Brand name    Thien Phu agarwood
    Place of origin   Vietnam 
    Smell   sweet  aroma
  Documents     Availiablity   Phytosanitary certificate/ CITES / Origin   certificate 
    Sample   Free sample; No free shipping


 Package & Delivery

  Package   Carton box
  Order quantity   Minimum order 1 kg (kilo)
  Delivery    DHL and FedEx (No free shipping)
  Delivery time  1 week


  Payment method

  Western Union, MoneyGram, or bank account with advance.

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  Thien Phu agarwood import and export co.,ltd 

  Address: 7/2 street 19, Group 11, Quarter 3, thu duc, ho chi Minh, Vietnam

  Contact: +84933466538 (Whatsapp/Imo)

  E-mail: Thienphuagarwood@gmail.com

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