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Oud Plant seed
Oud Plant seed

Oud Tree Seeds

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Product: Oud  Tree Seeds

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Aquilaria crassna trees

Aquilaria crassna trees are large trees, evergreen trees that grow to a height of 30 m, trunk diameter from 0.6 to 0.8 m. The color of the bark is gray-brown, it cracks along the winding, it can be easily removed and pulled from the root upwards. The trunk grows crookedly, sparse canopy. Leaves ovate-oblong or oval, 5-11 cm wide and 3-9 cm long, green on the surface, lighter on the underside and finely hairy, immaculate leaf margins.

In spring, Aquilaria crassna has small pale yellow flowers, growing in clusters on the umbilicus of the branches or in the axils of the leaves. The calyx of the flower is bell-shaped, with 5 shallow lobes. The capsule is inverted ovoid or pear-shaped, 4 cm long, 3 cm in diameter, covered with soft, short, yellow-gray hairs when dry.
Biology of Agarwood crassna

Agarwood crassna flowers in April, fruits ripen in July. You can hardly see the mother plant under the jungle canopy, usually only visible in the light or at the edges of the forest.

Agarwood crassna as a typical feralite soil or feralite grows on rocky mountains or granite, medium or thin soils, moisture, pH = 4-6. In rich humus soil or pre-enriched moisture, but do not put Aquilaria crassna feet in water

Distribution of Agarwood crassna

In Vietnam: Aquilaria tree seen from Tuyen Quang, Thanh Hoa.

In the world: Laos, Cambodia.

Currently, mature frankincense individuals are threatened and Aquilara crassna is endangered in the wild. But the area of agar plantations in the country is increasing.
Composition of Aquilaria (agar wood) crassna

Aquilaria trees used to extract agarwood oil. Pure agarwood oil is produced by extraction with distilled water. Agarwood oil is a viscous liquid, warm, sweet woody scent, very long lasting.

The main components of agar essential oil are: agarofuranoide, sesquiterpenoid eudesman, eremophilan, valencan and vetispiran

Agarwood Plants?

Agarwood is a fragrant hearty plants that grows on Aquilaria and Gyrinops trees where it infects certain species of fungi. The agarwood tree (اغروود ترقم) is an evergreen tree that grows in the tropics of South and Southeast Asia. It is mainly found in Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. Fresh agarwood tree seeds are available.

What are Agarwood (Oud) Seeds?

The seeds of oud or agarwood are planted to produce agarwood trees, which are the source of expensive agarwood or oud oil. Agarwood seeds grow when immersed in warm water, which is why it is found in a species of tree found in Southeast Asia called Aquilaria crassna.

Agarwood seeds germinate for use as mosquito repellent. These are agarwood seeds that should be planted immediately after purchase.

Oud (آگر وود) seeds for sale in Pakistan

New Agarwood seeds are now available for sale in Pakistan. You can buy oud seeds from us at a wholesale price. Agarwood seeds are not widely available. Because we extract the most expensive oud oil and agar wood from the trees.

Oud (عود) seeds price in Pakistan

New agarwood seeds are now available in Pakistan at very low prices. You can get these expensive seeds at a very affordable price. You can order up to 1 kg. One (1) kg package contains at least 8000-9000 (8k-9k) agarwood (عود) seeds. This is a great opportunity to start your own business.

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