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Mohassan oud (عود)
Combodia sanai oudh
Sanai combodia oud
Tiger Agarwood
Mohassan oud (عود)
Combodia sanai oudh
Sanai combodia oud
Tiger Agarwood

Tiger Agarwood

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Product: Tiger Agarwood

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Contact: +84933466538 (Whatsapp / Imo)

  E-mail: Thienphuagarwood@gmail.com


Tiger agarwood or sanai agarwood  (عود)  is also known as industrial agarwood is mainly made from natural agarwood  (عود)  with pure agarwood resin. Tiger oudh (merauke) demand is remarkably high in these days because natural agarwood prices are much high in markets.

Fragrance(العطر) of Mohassan Sanai (محسن سناي) oud (Oudh) is sweet, woody, and combodia smell. The quality of Vietnamese agarwood is super high. Industrial Vietnamese agarwood is most demanding industrial oud (العود الصناعي)  all over the world. ThienPhu Agarwood factory in Vietnam produce super high quality artificial agarwood.

What is Tig   er agarwood?

"Tiger agarwood" is a specific type of agarwood or oud, which is a highly valued resinous wood used in perfumes and traditional medicines. "Tiger" in this context does not refer to the animal but rather to the unique and highly prized pattern or grain that can sometimes be found in the resin-infused wood.

Tiger agarwood (العود النمر)  is known for its distinctive aroma, and the presence of a "tiger" pattern can make it even more valuable. The tiger pattern is a marbled or striped appearance in the wood that is highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. It is often used in high-end perfumes and incense due to its rare and luxurious qualities.

 Product Information

    Product Name   Tiger Agarwood


  Natural Agarwood and Agarwood resin
    Code   TP190-Tv 
    Grade  Super High 
    Color   Dark Brown
    Brand name    Thien Phu agarwood
    Place of origin   Vietnam 
    Smell   Woody, sweet Cambodia scent
  Documents     Availiablity   Phytosanitary certificate/ CITES / Origin   certificate 
    Sample   Free sample; No free shipping


 Package & Delivery

  Package   Carton box
  Order quantity   500kg a month 
  Delivery    DHL and FedEx (No free shipping)
  Delivery time  1 week


  Payment method

  Western Union, MoneyGram, or bank account with advance.

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  Thien Phu agarwood import and export co.,ltd 

  Address: 7/2 street 19, Group 11, Quarter 3, thu duc, ho chi Minh, Vietnam

  Contact: +84933466538 (Whatsapp)

  E-mail: Thienphuagarwood@gmail.com

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