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Agarwood plants in Pakistan
Agarwood plants in Pakistan

Agarwood Plant

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Product: Agarwood Plants

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  Agarwood (Oud) Plants (اگرووڈ کے درخت)?

Agarwood is a fragrant hearty tree that grows on the plants of Aquilaria and Gyrinals where they infect certain types of fungi. The agarwood tree (اگرووڈ درخت) is an evergreen tree that grows in the tropics of South and Southeast Asia. It is found mainly in Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

What are the size of agarwood (عود) plants?

Aquilaria malaccensis also known as eagle wood or agarwood (gaharu) or Oud is the tropical areas plants that grows upto 40 meter in length and almost 12 meter in width.

Agarwood (عود)  Plants are now available in Pakistan

Agarwood plants are available now in Pakistan at very reasonable prices. Different size oud (عود)  plants you can order online now in Pakistan. Our company ThienPhu agarwod is Vietnam based company. We sale agarwood plants (Oud Trees) at wholesale prices.

Best Agarwood in World

According to Professor Gishi Honda (Tokyo University - Japan), Aquilaria Crassna in Vietnam produces the world's best Agarwood (Oud). Aquilaria crassna is fully grown in Indochina countries, including Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

Demands of Agarwood Now Days

Agarwood is in great demand worldwide as an immature commodity for incense, spices, and medicine, and the Middle East and East Asia as the two largest used regions. As the wealth of consumer countries has grown steadily in recent decades, the market demand for agarwood has begun to exceed its supply. International prices for agarwood can range from US $ 20 to - 6,000 per kilogram of wood pieces depending on their quality or the US $ 10,000 per kilogram of the wood itself.

In addition, the value of agarwood essential oil can be as high as the US $ 30,000 per kilogram. The annual market for agarwood is estimated at the US $ 6 - 8 billion. What attracts the agarwood industry is its very high market value.

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