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History & Vision



 thien Phu agarwood import export co., ltd (Vietnam) is one of the leading companies in the production of agarwood, (oud) pure agarwood essential oil, Sanai agarwood and other products from agarwood,  sticks, wild agarwood (oud).

Thien Phu agarwood Vietnam produceproduces agarwood (oud) 5000 ton every year. We are largest wholesaler and retailer from Vietnam. Trầm hương Thiên Phú  provide best services for our clients.

  Our products are 100% organic. Our factory is the largest agarwood (oudh) factory in vietnam.  We specialize in this field for more than 12 years, raw material production, with good quality and quite competitive. thien phu agarwood provides all documents cites certificate, phytosanitary certificate, origin and provides excellent service worldwide.


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thien phu agarwood co.,ltd  

office : 7/2 street 19, group 11, quarter 3, thu duc, ho chi minh, vietnam

contact: +84933466538 (whatsapp, Imo)

e-mail: thienphuagarwood@gmail.com