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About Us

Thien Phu Agarwood is pleased to welcome you

Thien Phu Agarwood Import Export Co., Ltd. Vietnam is one the largest companies in the production of Agarwood, (Oud), pure Agarwood Essential Oil, Sanai Agarwood and other products derived from Agarwood, sticks, wild Agarwood (oud).

Our products are 100% organic. This factory is Vietnam's largest agarwood (Oudh) factory. Our factory has been in this industry for over 12 years. We are highly competitive in raw material production and quality. Thien Phu Agarwood can provide all documents such as cites, phytosanitary certificates, origin and excellent service around the world.

The ThienPhu agarwood company operates under the motto "Professionalism, Innovation, Quality", meaning they are dedicated to supplying high-quality products at wholesale prices.


Our Products - Agarwood


Agarwood chips are precious products, many customers prefer and find them in recent...


The infected wood, agarwood, from the Aquilaria tree, is renowned internationally for its...


Oud oil of Thien Phu Agarwood is always the best quality and affordable price on the...


You want to buy agarwood incense quality, you buy immediately agarwood incense of Thien Phu


Agarwood powder is made absolutely in Vietnam, free of toxic chemicals or artificial..


Agarwood/oud nowadays is getting rare and price is very high in certain market because of...


Beautifully hand-made, this is a great gift for any incense lover, your precious incense...

Prayer beads

Oud prayer beads, Agarwood prayer beads

Agarwood Blog

All about agarwood (Oud) products, and Its properties.

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Agarwood tree & Factory

To have stable quality agarwood oil while to save the Jungle for a green environment, input materials (Aquilaria Crassna, agarwood tree) for water distillation are strictly selected from: Our own Aquilaria Crassna plantation: 21,000 trees of over 10 years of age. Aquilaria Crassna plantations nationwide where we have agreements with farmers on growing more than 12,000 trees, and most of them are at 10-18 years of age. Wild Aquilaria Crassna trees, from 20 years of age up, in Households’ farms.

Agarwood tree & Factory