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Agarwood (oud) seeds
Aquilaria Crassna seeds
Agarwood (oud) seeds
Aquilaria Crassna seeds

Aquilaria Crassna seeds

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Product: Aquilaria Crassna plant

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What is agarwood (عود)?

Agarwood, eaglewood, aloewood, gharuwood or Aquilaria crassna is a tropical plant of the Thymelaeaceae family. A large tree that lives in the rain forests of Southeast Asia.
Aquilaria crassna refers to fragrant wood fragrances. The agarwood seeds are round brown and look year after year. Agarwood has a very pleasant aroma. This resin is called aloeswood or agarwood of scientists.

Agarwood  (Aquilaria Crassna) seeds (اگرووڈ کے بیج)

Agarwood seeds grow when they are immersed in warm water, which is why it is found in a species of tree found in Southeast Asia called Aquilaria crassna.
Agarwood seeds germinate for use as mosquito repellent. These are agarwood seeds that should be planted as soon as they are purchased because agarwood seeds lose their effectiveness quickly.

How to plant agarwood seeds (اگرروڈ کے  بیج)?

Plant your agarwood seeds (اگرووڈ کے بیج) with a good combination of horticultural seeds and sand. It is important to plant the seeds head down. Spray with a spray and place your plant in a greenhouse or mini-greenhouse at a temperature of 25 to 35 ° C. Aquilaria crassna occurs after 3 to 6 weeks.

What is Agarwood (عود) Plant (اگرووڈ کے پودے)

Agarwood is a fragrant hearty tree that grows on the plants of Aquilaria and Gyrinops where they are susceptible to certain fungi. The agarwood tree (Aquilaria crassna, meaning Aquilaria malaccensis) is a evergreen tree native to tropical areas of Southeast Asia and is found mainly in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. Special seeds of the agarwood (اگرووڈ) tree called 'jaiphal' are available, although Oud fruit is very rare.

What is the Aquilaria Crassna plant?

Agarwood (عود) or Aquilaria crassna is a evergreen shrub 15-20 feet tall with an open crown. It is often grown or harvested in the wild in Southeast Asia because of its pleasant aroma. Burning agarwood produces a delicious aroma that has been used as incense for ceremonial purposes in Buddhism, Confucianism, and Hinduism. Incense also serves as an antiseptic. Agarwood is a source of rare and expensive oils used in perfumes and is only produced on request. The bark produces the fiber used to make hammock, clothing and paper pulp.

Why is the agarwood tree so expensive?

This oily substance or amber from infected agarwood is more valuable than its gold weight. Incense and Perfumers makers  are willing to pay millions of dollars for a liter of “liquid gold.” ,The agarwood trade had a global value of $ 8 billion In 2013".

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